The use of lorry cranes, otherwise referred to as Lorry Loaders in the Workplace Safety and Health (Operation of Cranes) Regulations, is a familiar sight in Singapore. They are deployed extensively by the logistics and transportation, construction and landscape, marine, hospitality and entertainment sectors (non-exhaustive). Lorry cranes are preferred due to the shorter set- up time, lower costs and ease of mobility in comparison with other types of mobile cranes.

As the use of lorry cranes has become more prevalent, there has been a significant increase in dangerous occurrences involving lorry cranes over the past few years. Some causes (direct or indirect) of these dangerous occurrences are improper deployment of outriggers, failure of the ground, mechanical failure and unsafe operations. Similar to other lifting machines, the use of lorry cranes for lifting operations can be potentially hazardous if not carried out properly.

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