Who We Are

We Want To Lift Your Burdens, Not Add To It

About Sing Lian Cranes

Sing Lian Cranes was incorporated in 2011, with the need from it’s parent company, Sing Lee Corporation Pte Ltd, for reliable and customer oriented lorry crane logistic service.

With the critical insight as a customer, Sing Lian Cranes focus is to understand the needs of our customers and provide intuitive and prompt service, instead as a common supplier with different perspective.

With the right focus, Sing Lian Cranes continue to grow and till today, we still continue to listen to customer’s feedback, responding to and evolving with their changing demands. We continue to expand our fleet and services to offer integrated solutions.

Our Vision

To be the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to Lorry crane logistics service.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That is why we’ve made providing cost-efficient and professional solutions our mission. We strive to provide reliable service by being accountable and punctual while maintaining the highest level of safety and customer service.

We want to lift your burdens, not add to it.

Our Core Values

Many people communicate, but few connect. We reach out to our customers, listen closely and see things from their perspective to offer them valuable solutions.

People are the centre of any business, and everyone plays an important role. Our inclusive culture values everyone, fostering a united and reliable team that our clients can trust.

We’re not just people of words, but also people of deeds. Everyone is encouraged to communicate candidly and conduct themselves professionally. We work ethically and responsibly.

Continuous Improvement
The bar of excellence is ever rising. Continual improvement is needed to satisfy our customer’s increasing demands. We constantly invest in our staff and revise our processes with the feedback from clients and employees.

Personal Excellence
Excellence is the best way to retain customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, going out of our way to deliver the best service we can.

Once an order is taken, we are fully committed to make sure is fulfilled. No excuses or delays. We just make sure its done!

Our Valued Clients

Our Valued Partners